O.C. Jail Saga, Yahoo Collapse, and Hollywood Gentrification

We begin with another update on the ongoing Orange County jail escape saga. The latest information: a cab driver was held hostage by the three fugitives for a week.

And with the escapees now behind bars, we look at a new report that finds a record number of people convicted of crimes were exonerated in 2015. And a third of those people were originally found guilty of murder. However, it was later found that no crime was committed in half the cases.

Then, Yahoo Inc. is crashing and burning. The company could be up for sale following poor performance. The company is also laying off 15 percent of its 11,000 employees.

Finally, we wrap up with a feature on the gentrification of Hollywood and discuss general development all over Los Angeles.

Banner Image: Captured fugitive Hossein Nayeri is escorted into Orange County Jail; Credit: OC Sheriff