On falling in love with Pit Bulls

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Author of the new book “Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon,” Bronwen Dickey, told Press Play that she started researching pit bulls a few years ago when she and her husband got one of their own.

She had heard all the horror stories about how dangerous the breed is: how they’ll suddenly turn on you, how their bite is more powerful than any other dog’s… but she found that her own dog, Nola, “was one of the most affectionate dogs we’ve ever had.”

Like many Angelenos, there are a lot of Press Play listeners who love Pit Bulls. Here are a few of your stories about meeting (and falling in love with) your dogs:

Pit Bulls Sanchez

Jessi Sanchez: I met Lyxxi (on the left) at 4 days old when I rescued her entire family after they were abandoned. The rest of the family has been adopted, but I was just too connected to let her go. I met Xylaa (on the right) when I searched hundreds of adoptable dogs online. Her face was so unforgettable that I quickly contacted the rescue and went through the process to adopt her.

Jennifer Freel: This our Beatrice Bluebell, she is about 4 1/2 years old. She was found in the trash by our little nephew, abandoned at the age of 2 1/2 months – on the streets, alone. We met her on Mothers Day and she instantly became my baby girl! She was afraid of everything and everyone but by the age of 9 months she received her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. We worked incredibly hard and she has come a long way, we are very proud of her. She loves agility, swimming, sleeping in, her squishy glow in the dark ball, neck scratches and even baths and daily teeth-brushing.

Pit Bull Herrera
Alyce Herrera: I love my Billy boy so much. I can’t believe I was so judgmental about this breed. I have 8 dogs and he is the sweetest and most gentile out of all of them. My little chi mixes will bit him in the face when he try’s to take their food and he totally ignores them. It’s hard for me to believe they were going to put him to sleep and not even adopt him out (he was three months when I got him and had been at the shelter for at least a month). My best friend has dharma desert dog rescue and pulled him from the Devore shelter. They had tagged him as aggressive and unadoptable. I think he was just so scared that he was protecting himself because he has been nothing but an angel since coming to live with me.

Pit Bulls Garza

Joe Garza: This is Lalo and Nikko – I found my two boys who were strays out in the streets of San Diego and Los Angeles and in need of a loving home and papa. They have been such a beautiful blessing and I’m so grateful that they are part of my life. Pitbulls are such great dogs/kiddos. 🐶🐶 The universe brought of us together as a loving family and everyday my heart is full of nothing but love for my boys.

Pit Bulls Ireland

Ken Ireland: I found my sweet boy, Rocco, at an adoption event, on my mother’s birthday. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in Apple Valley, just hours before he was to be euthanized. He is a mix of corgi, hound, and staffordshire terrier and is the sweetest most lovable creature I have ever known. I wasn’t even sold on getting a puppy but when I found him I immediately knew it was fate. He brings me so much joy and love and I thank the universe everyday that he was brought into my life.

Pit Bulls Romero

Janessa Romero: Thank you so much for this segment! We rescued our little ones. This is Smalls and Bernie.


Char Maine: thanks! My fathead baby had a play date with the tan one!

Pit Bulls Barrett

Molly Barrett: This little pitty came into our lives three months ago after having already been moved from home to home. She was only four months old at the time, and a friend rescued her and gave her to us.

Pit Bulls Salgado

Maria Salgado: I work for a non-profit animal rescue and met my pit bulls through work. I never imagined having a pit bull, let alone two! They changed our lives!!!

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