The Aliso Canyon gas leak one year later

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One year ago, an aging natural gas well owned by the Southern California Gas Company sprung a massive leak, kicking off what would eventually become the largest leak of natural gas in U.S. history. In the four months it took to plug the gas leak in Aliso Canyon, near Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley, around 100,000 metric tons of methane were released into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of about a million cars being driven for a year, and enough to single-handedly torpedo the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Thousands of people evacuated, and the leak has since put the spotlight on hundreds of other storage facilities.


Alice Walton - Los Angeles Times - @TheCityMaven, Rebekka Hosken - Porter Ranch Resident, Tim O' Conner - Director of Environmental Defense Fund

Madeleine Brand, KCRW Staff

Sarah Sweeney, Anna Scott, Jolie Myers, Christian Bordal, Amy Ta, Michell Eloy