Elizabeth Moss in ‘Shirley’: This might be my favorite performance from her, says critic

Critics review three films out this weekend that deal with troubled marriages in different ways. “Shirley,” a biopic about horror writer Shirley Jackson, who’s played by Elizabeth Moss from “The Handmaid’s Tale;” “Tommaso,”  starring Willem Dafoe and directed by Abel Ferrara, the provocative filmmaker who’s most famous for “Bad Lieutenant;” “Judy and Punch,” about puppeteers who are trying to revive their marionette show. 



  • Tim Grierson - senior U.S. critic for Screen International, vice president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and author of “This Is How You Make A Movie” - @TimGrierson
  • Amy Nicholson - host of the podcast Unspooled and film reviewer for the New York Times - @theAmyNicholson