Planned Parenthood in the Spotlight, and Medical Marijuana and Palliative Care

Republicans lost a Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood on Monday. But the fight will probably resume next month when Congress comes back from its August recess. This comes after several undercover videos were released that show Planned Parenthood officials discussing providing fetal tissue from abortions to medical researchers. However, those videos were selectively edited, and fetal tissue research is not only legal, it’s funded by Congress. And it’s been used in research in the medical community since the 1930s. How useful is it today?

Then, a roundup of the TCAs—where networks roll out their fall and winter programs for TV critics.

And for someone with a serious illness, the days are marked not by hours, but by an endless parade of pharmaceuticals. But one expert in palliative care says that the health care system can learn a lot from how patients use medical marijuana.

Finally, a team of scientists recently tested 75 different cannabis products and found wildly varying amounts of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient.

Banner Image Credit: Crittenton Services