Lessons from the responses to police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte

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In the past week there have been two more high-profile shootings of black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite anger and protests over both killings, there are differences in how the two cities have reacted. In Tulsa, police immediately released a video of the incident, which shows a white officer shooting 40-year-old Terence Crutcher while his hands are up. In Charlotte, officials have not yet released body camera footage showing the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. What lessons can cities learn from how officials have handled the shootings and the impact that’s had on public reaction?


Khalil Gibran Muhammad - Harvard Kennedy School of Government - @KhalilGMuhammad

Madeleine Brand

Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Jolie Myers, Christian Bordal, Sarah Sweeney