Horror film ‘Master’: Racism haunts 3 Black women at arts college

In “Master,” Regina Hall (L) and Amber Gray (R) are two Black faculty members who are pitted against one another during the tenure process. Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

In the film “Master,” three Black women are haunted by ghosts and institutional racism at a predominantly white liberal arts college.  

Sasami’s new album, “Squeeze,” mixes her indie-rock roots with metal. “I wanted to make an album that was drawing from this palette of frustration and rage and anger, and less kind of sorrow and solemnity and melancholy,” she says.

The House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 insurrection reportedly has enough evidence to make a criminal referral of former President Trump to the Justice Department, but is split over doing that. 

The Opportunity Zones program was designed so the richest Americans would invest in the most economically distressed parts of the country. The incentive: a big tax break.