Protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline heat up

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The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their supporters have been camping at the Dakota Access Pipeline for months to protest it. But yesterday turned violent, and more than 140 people were arrested.

A jury acquitted seven people accused of leading an armed takeover of Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. Ammon and Ryan Bundy were among the leaders and were found not guilty.

We talk to journalist Shane Bauer about how he went undercover on a 10 day operation with the militia group Three Percent United Patriots.

Movies out this weekend include the latest Tom Hanks “Inferno” and Leonardo DiCaprio travels the world in “Before the Flood,” a documentary on climate change. A new music documentary looks at the band Oasis.

Uber revolutionized the taxi world, and introduced self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. Now the company wants to see flying cars within a decade.

Banner Image: Rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline by:  Fibonacci Blue