Cristela Alonzo on cheering up mom with jokes, validating depression

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“Growing up in a family where we didn't have money to go to the doctor, we had been taught that if you're sick, you just hope for the best. It's almost heartbreaking when you see someone that you love and care for suffering. And that was the way I was used to growing up and accepting things. … So having this [health care] access, it changed my life,” says Cristela Alonzo. Courtesy of Netflix.

Comedian Cristela Alonzo talks about her childhood without financial security or health insurance, and the responsibility she shouldered as a first-generation Mexican American.

California has over 400 monkeypox cases, and tests and vaccines are tough to access. “It's important not to minimize how painful and difficult it can be to go through,” says a UCLA epidemiologist. 

As the House Select Committee continues its probe into the January 6 insurrection, KCRW looks at a key figure in then-President Donald Trump’s attempt to stay in power: John Eastman. 

This summer, quench your thirst with a boozy or non-boozy version of sangria. Try it with red or white wine and a splash of brandy for a classic version of the fruity, hot-weather drink