Skip ‘Respect’ and revisit ‘Amazing Grace’ doc instead, critics echo

Critics review “Free Guy,” a video game-inspired action movie that stars Ryan Reynolds as a naive bank teller named Guy; “Don’t Breathe 2,” a followup to the 2016 film about a blind veteran who can’t see you but can hear you; “Respect,” which follows Aretha Franklin (played by Jennifer Hudson) as a child singing in her dad’s church choir to an adult music superstar; “Coda,” about a child who’s the only hearing member of her death family, and she must decide between her own career pursuits or staying with her parents when the family’s fishing business is endangered. 



  • Tim Grierson - senior U.S. critic for Screen International, vice president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and author of “This Is How You Make A Movie” - @TimGrierson
  • Katie Walsh - film reviewer for the Tribune News Service, the Los Angeles Times, and The Wrap - @katiewalshstx