‘A beautiful opportunity’: Anti-abortion activists celebrate SCOTUS ruling

Written by Danielle Chiriguayo, produced by Marcelle Hutchins, Bennett Purser, Nihar Patel

Glendy Perez of Hacienda Heights celebrates the end of Roe v. Wade outside an El Monte shopping center where there is a Planned Parenthood. She’s been coming to this location since 2017 with other pro-life advocates. Photo by Megan Jamerson/KCRW.

Anti-abortion activists have spent decades waiting for and working hard towards this historic day, as the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade. KCRW talks with two such activists about how they’re reacting to the news. 

Wynette Sills, director of Californians for Life, has worked 18 years as an anti-abortion activist. She says the court’s decision is an opportunity to support both mothers and babies. 

“People of goodwill across the political spectrum, even those who consider themselves pro-choice, can begin to put women and children as a priority and help solve the underlying circumstances that a woman might be experiencing when facing the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy,” Sills tells KCRW. “Why can't we all work together to love both mother and child, so that no one would have to die in our country due to lack of support?”

Camille Cisneros, the national supportive services director at Students for Life of America, works with high school and college students who are often pregnant or parenting. She says this is the perfect time for federal legislation that can support pregnant people, such as paid family leave. 

“This is actually a really beautiful opportunity. We're looking at a decision that was based on oppression and harming another … in order to move forward,” Cisneros says. “Roe v. Wade was a big, missed opportunity to actually look at what was happening to women at that time.”

Cisneros adds, “As a working woman, let's support you in [your pregnancy] and build a community around you so that you never feel like you have to choose between your child and your dreams.”