Tour life with David Bowie, the ideological split over US flag

Before David Bowie became an iconic musician, he grew up as a serious and thoughtful kid, says his childhood friend Geoff MacCormack. Credit: ACC Art Books / Courtesy of Geoff MacCormack.

David Bowie’s childhood best friend Geoff MacCormack’s photos of the glam rocker’s early tours are the subject of a new book.

The Supreme Court rejected affirmative action, struck down Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, and ruled in favor of a woman who wouldn’t design wedding sites for same-sex couples.

Independence Day is Tuesday. For some people, the U.S. flag doesn’t symbolize unity, but instead division, MAGA Republicans, or jingoism.

Go behind the scenes of multi-million dollar weddings with a former luxury wedding planner-turned-Atlantic staff writer.