The Future of Space Tourism, A Dire Climate Warning and Science for Her!

One pilot was killed and another seriously injured last Friday during a test flight of SpaceShipTwo. We look at the investigation and explore whether this is an acceptable price for space tourism. And is TV sweeps season still relevant in an age of Netflix and HBO GO? Also, a new report shows dire consequences for ignoring climate change, a look at why we become complacent about these warnings. And, Madeleine sits down with comedian Megan Amram to explore questions like: "What is the sexiest molecule?" and "What religion is best for your body type?"

Banner Image: SpaceShipTwo in a captive flight configuration underneath White Knight Two, during the runway dedication of Spaceport America in October 2010; Credit: "White Knight Two and SpaceShipTwo from directly below" by Jeff Foust - Flickr: WK2/SS2 from directly below. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.