The History of the LAPD and LA’s Black Communities

Given what’s happening across the country, many of us in Los Angeles can’t help but think back to times like the Watts riots of 1965, the Rodney King riots of 1992 and the OJ Simpson trial of 1994. Today, a brief history of the LAPD’s relations with the city’s black communities.

KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd shares some of the tracks he played after last week’s violence.

Next, if you see roving groups of people walking very slowly with their eyes glued to their cell phones, it could be Pokemon GO.

Feminist author Jessica Valenti’s teenage years were filled with men pushing themselves up against her in crowded subway cars, flashing her, or making suggestive comments. As an adult and feminist writer and blogger, the abuse continues in ugly online comments. Valenti discusses her experiences and her new book, “Sex Object: A Memoir.”

Finally, in our weekly TV segment, we look at the new season of “Mr. Robot” and two new shows: HBO’s “The Night of” and Netflix’ “Stranger Things.”

Photo credit: courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library