The rise of hate and the right wing

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Inflammatory and hateful rhetoric targeted at undocumented immigrants is on the rise this election season. After Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, a U.S. citizen, was thrown out of a Donald Trump press conference and told to go back to Mexico, he decided to make a film called Hate Rising.

Right wing nationalism is on the rise in Europe too, even in Germany. The new star of the ultra right in that country is a 41-year-old chemist named Frauke Petry.

A new report from the ACLU finds that many California school districts rely too much on police forces to discipline children.

A new film tells the story of one of the worst school shootings of all time from the point of view of witnesses and survivors when, in 1966, a gunman opened fire from the clock tower of the University of Texas.

Back in 1989, Donald Trump tried to expand his real estate empire to Los Angeles, but was outmaneuvered by the LAUSD.

Photo courtesy of Univision/Fusion.