The Rise of ISIS, Jonathan Gold’s L.A., and Left Shark Madness

Long-time foreign correspondent Patrick Cockburn has a new book out that tracks the swift rise of ISIS. We talk with him about some of the latest brutality by the extremist group and how it gained its power. We also look at the alleged connections between 9/11, Al Qaeda, and the Saudi Royal family. Plus, Anthem, the second largest health insurance company in the US, says it was the victim of hackers and up to 80 million customers may be affected. We talk about that, net neutrality, two big internet-related trials, and the rise of Left Shark in our internet roundup. And producer Matt Holzman takes us inside the new documentary about L.A. food journalist Jonathan Gold.

Banner Image: Laura Gabbert, L.A. food critic Jonathan Gold, and Andrea Lewis at the premiere of the documentary City of Goldat Sundance Film Festival; Credit: Matt Holzman