‘As We See It’: How people on autism spectrum navigate dating and growing up

“There is no one way of being autistic. As many people as you meet who are on the spectrum, that's how many different types of autism there are,” says Jason Katims, showrunner of “As We See It.” Photo by Ali Goldstein/ Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon’s new series, “As We See It,” follows three roommates who are on the autism spectrum, played by actors who experience it in real life.

Polls show Californians want officials to take faster action to get people off the streets and provide them with the help they need. Those feelings are similar across age, political affiliation, and race.

UC Berkeley might have to cut the size of its incoming freshman class, as a judge has sided with a neighborhood group accusing the university of exacerbating homelessness.

Since January, Magellan Health has been responsible for getting drugs to Medi-Cal enrollees. But the company is short-staffed, patient data is missing, and some claims were improperly denied.