Vaccines Get Political, “Smart” Drugs, and Harper Lee’s New Novel

Politicians have started weighing in on the debate over vaccines. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Then, one woman’s story of how she went from anti-vaccine to pro. In other health-related news, the New York Attorney General has cracked down on bunk herbal supplements sold at chain retailers, but that’s not stopping Silicon Valley types from trying to “hack” their biology with strange ingredients and prescriptions. Turning to literature, Harper Lee is publishing a new novel this summer, 55 years after her first and only work, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” What’s the new book about, and why now? Author Kwame Alexander, who won the Newbery Medal yesterday, talks about his young adult novel “The Crossover.” And finally, in our regular car roundup, why does Google want in on Uber’s business model, and vice versa?

Banner Photo Credit: Hannah Smith/KOMU