Water on Mars, and 'The Pentagon’s Brain'

A big announcement from NASA: liquid water has been discovered on the surface of Mars. Does this mean there’s life on Mars?

Then, half a century ago, the engineer Ralph Parsons came up with a plan to bring Southern California all the water it would ever need. This plan was called the North American Water and Power Alliance, or NAWAPA. The plan was never implemented, but its promise never quite went away either.

Next, Los Angeles public schools face a critical moment right now as billionaire Eli Broad plans to double the number of charter schools in the city. At the same time, the district is still dealing with fallout from its failed plan to give iPads to all students, teachers and administrators. And that’s not all the LAUSD is struggling with.

Then, how much do you know about DARPA? It’s the most powerful military science agency in the world and it’s also one of the most secretive and unknown. Until now.

Finally, in our TV roundup we talk about the season premiere of Empire, and other new shows.

Banner Image: Planet Mars: image provides a global "snapshot" of weather patterns across the planet. Here, bluish-white water ice clouds hang above the Tharsis volcanoes. Photo Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS