What Can California Expect If Pot Becomes Legal?

This time next year, 4/20 could have a whole new meaning in California since voters are expected to legalize recreational pot in November. We take a close look at all the marijuana-related ballot proposals and look at what California can learn from pot legalization in Colorado.

Also, a powerful drug that’s much more potent than heroin has been linked to recent overdoses, many fatal, across California. What are state public health officials doing about it?

Next, marine life on the West Coast is being impacted by changes in our oceans due to climate change. What do scientists recommend we do?

After that, the director of a new film The Invitation talks about making an independent thriller set in the Hollywood Hills.

And finally, bad news continues to roll in for Theranos, the Silicon Valley-based blood-testing company, which is the subject of two federal investigations.

Caption: What legal marijuana looks like in Amsterdam. Photo by nickolette/Wikimedia commons.