Who killed Biggie and Tupac? A new miniseries tries to figure it out

It’s been more than two decades since Tupac and Biggie were shot and killed just six months apart. Both murders are still officially unsolved. A new TV series looks inside the investigations, and the West Coast v. East Coast rap war. It’s called “Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac And The Notorious B.I.G.”

Scenes from “Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac And The Notorious B.I.G.” 
Photos courtesy of NBC Universal. 


Kyle Long - Creator, "Unsolved", Anthony Hemingway - Director and Executive Producer, "Unsolved" - @shinybootz

Madeleine Brand

Gina Pollack, Sarah Sweeney, Michell Eloy, Amy Ta, Christian Bordal, Quinn O'Toole, Yael Even Or