Women Crime Writers, and Housing LA’s Homeless

Los Angeles is having its worst homeless crisis in years. More than 44,000 people live on the street, in cars and in shelters. That’s 12 percent more than two years ago. Mayor Eric Garcetti promised to end chronic homelessness by the end of next year, and to end veteran homelessness this year. But that’s proving to be difficult.

Then, state lawmakers are staying up late this week, wrangling last minute details on some controversial greenhouse gas regulations. Two emissions bills will be voted on by Friday night, when this year’s legislative session ends. There’s a provision in one of the bills that’s causing a lot of controversy: it calls for cutting gas usage on California roads in half by 2030.

Next, there were a number of successful female crime-fiction writers after World War II. Their books have been in and out of print. But now a new two-volume set has been put out by the Library of America.

Finally, the U.S. News & World Report released its annual ranking of colleges today. No surprises—Princeton, Harvard, and Yale took the top three spots. U.C. Berkeley was the highest ranked public university at number 20 and USC and UCLA tied at 23rd.

Banner Image: Tents line the streets in Skid Row. Photo: Aaron Fallon