Palliative care doctor Michael Kearny learns to treat his own pain

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Michael Kearney is an expert in pain. For years, he’s worked as a palliative care doctor in Santa Barbara, treating people who are battling things like cancer, or recovering from a serious injury. He’s also worked in hospice facilities with patients who are preparing to die. Along the way, he’s written multiple books about the the nature of healing. But his most recent book is perhaps his most personal. It's called, “The Nest in Stream: Lessons from Nature on Being with Pain.” In it,  Kearney tells the story of how -- at the peak of his career -- he found himself burned out and in a state of personal suffering. And even though he had become an expert is treating the pain of others, he couldn’t treat his own pain. That changed when he had a revelatory experience that provided him with a path forward.




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