New money to help the homeless in Santa Barbara

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Luis Martinez lives on the streets in Santa Barbara. “An apartment complex is going to cost more than $2 million,” he said, but he hopes the state funding will help provide homeless people with more services. Photo credit: Kathryn Barnes/KCRW.

As California continues to find ways to address homelessness, one approach has been to give out grants to local governments and nonprofits. This month, the city of Santa Barbara received $2 million for plan to that includes wrap-around services, with things like a street nurse and restorative police officer. But the $2 million is a much smaller number than the city originally wanted. Still, city staff is hopeful that this amount will help service a homeless population of around 900 people citywide.



  • Laura Dubbels - Housing & Human Services Manager, City of Santa Barbara


Kathryn Barnes