More services approved for homeless residents, but city parks may crackdown

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Santa Barbara city attorney, Ariel Calonne, talked of issuing new injunctions aimed to curb disruptive and aggressive behaviors in Santa Barbara city parks. The move would criminalize some conduct, however, no exact behaviors were specifically identified.

Supporters of the order feel that families and children have been pushed out of city parks because they are fearful of the aggressive or lewd behavior of some visitors. Opponents of the injunction question its constitutionality and feel it could unfairly target some individuals.

Some suggested creating a day center where homeless residents could bring their belongings and hang out for the day. It was also suggested that those centers could provide a place to relax, homelessness services, bathrooms and showers.

In another move, $2.2 million in state funding will go to support more services for the Santa Barbara city homeless. This funding directly benefits Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital, which will add a nurse and other services to address the emergency medical needs of those living on the street. And the city is likely to bring in several other specialists in the services area as well.




Carolina Starin