A Campaign's Enduring Image

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In an election that everyone agrees is just too close to call, what are the last things voters think about when they cast their ballots? After all the energy and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on persuasion, is it image or substance, policy or style, which makes the final difference in the polling booth? We'll get wisdom and humor about the first campaign of the millennium from the executive director of a public interest group that seeks to improve election information, as well as from media specialists, and HARRY SHEARER, satirist, author, actor and host of KCRW's Le Show.
  • Newsmaker: Tomorrow's election is billed as the closest race since 1948 when newspapers actually headlined Dewey's victory before Truman was declared the actual winner. In these last desperate hours, is there anything Gore, Bush and Nader can do to make a difference? We asked Chuck Todd, editor of Hotline, the National Journal's daily on-line report on American politics.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Columnist Arianna Huffington today called political polls "the lingua franca of political punditry," without which "the entire CNBC prime-time lineup would be reduced to 60-second blurbs between the latest market reports." She talked with us about the "critical mass of prominent voices is being raised" against them.



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