Academic Freedom or Political Indoctrination?

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Liberal professors dominate college life and indoctrinate students with leftist ideology. So goes the argument for an "Academic Bill of Rights" to guarantee a diversity of ideas in the classroom. At least 16 states are considering legislation being pushed by conservative activist David Horowitz, who has raised big money for President Bush, and opposed by the Association of University Professors. Would the so-called "Bill of Rights" promote academic freedom or undermine it by creating an atmosphere of censorship and intimidation? We hear from Horowitz himself as well as from academics, legislators and students at two campuses with different viewpoints.
  • Making News: President Bush May Consider Recess Appointment for Bolton
    Democrats in the Senate are hanging tough on John Bolton's nomination as Ambassador to the United Nations. That's led to talk that President Bush might bypass the Senate with what's called a "recess appointment." Cheryl Gay Stolberg, who reports on Congress for the New York Times, explains the Constitutional provision and what's likely to happen next.
  • Reporter's Notebook: CIA Chief Has 'Excellent Idea' on Location of Bin Laden
    In this week's issue of Time magazine, CIA Director Porter Goss revealed that he has an "excellent idea" where Osama bin Laden is hiding. Asked when bin Laden will be captured, Goss replied, "That is a question that goes far deeper than you know." So what's the US doing to catch him? Former reporter and author Ronald Kessler offers some thoughts.

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