Accountability in the Military

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An errant bomb dropped during a training exercise in Kuwait yesterday and the recent sub accident in Hawaii may be the regrettable cost of maintaining a powerful military. Yet such accidents have critics questioning whether something is systemically wrong with today's military. We examine the frequency of such tragedies, the public relations missions that make military proponents of civilians, and a military tradition that limits accountability, with current and former military personnel, a researcher who studies the gap between the military and civilians, and others. (Matt Miller guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker Has the Bear Market Hit Bottom Yet? - Stock markets appear more stable today after yesterday's meltdown that left investors reeling. Tony Perkins, who has written about the overvaluation of share prices, offers an explanation for the maniacal behavior that's moving the market, and gives us his outlook of what the jittery markets may mean for nervous investors.
  • Reporter's Notebook: FDA and Rezulin - New evidence suggests that pharmaceutical giant Warner-Lambert, maker of Rezulin, knew about the drug's life threatening liver toxicity but pushed the FDA for fast approval anyway. David Willman, of the Los Angeles Times, has continued to follow the story in the two-plus years that the discredited diabetes drug has been on the market.

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