In Silicon Valley, Do Grown-ups Have a Chance?

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Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook at age 23, famously told an audience, "Young people are just smarter." And, Zuckerberg just paid $2 billion for Oculus — founded by Palmer Luckey at 21. One cosmetic surgeon says 28-year olds are getting Botox injections to look younger during start-up presentations to venture capitalists their own age. Is ageism all that pervasive in the tech world? Are white men learning what's all too familiar to women, ethnic minorities and the disabled?


Noam Scheiber - New York Times - @noamscheiber, Scott Banister - 'angel investor' and entrepeneur - @nist, Ann Friedman - co-host of the podcast “Call Your Girlfriend” and co-author of the new book “Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close” - @annfriedman, Halle Tecco - RockHealth - @halletecco

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