Al Gore Back in the Limelight

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Al Gore may be old political news, but he's been way ahead of his party in attacking President Bush on torture, wiretapping and the war in Iraq. With the help of Hollywood, Gore's turned a lecture on slides into a feature length film about global warming. An Inconvenient Truth, which opens next week all over the country, has at least one Republican strategist saying he's "found his voice in the wilderness." To many Democrats who are cool to Hillary Clinton, a Gore comeback looks good for 2008. Does he want to do it? Does he have the Right Stuff? Is global warming the right issue to propel him back into the White House? We talk to environmentalists, pollsters and political journalists, including the author of a cover story on "the comeback kid."
  • Making News: Senate Confirms Michael Hayden as CIA Director
    When President Bush named General Michael Hayden to head the CIA, even Republicans worried out loud about the domestic eavesdropping program Hayden instituted at the National Security Agency. Yet, despite predictions of possible trouble, the Senate confirmed him last night by a vote of 78-to-15. Tim Starks reports for Congressional Quarterly.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Bush and Blair Admit Mistakes at Press Conference
    At a White House news conference last night, the leaders of the Anglo-American alliance conceded mistakes and misjudgments. After September 11, President Bush promised to bring back Osama bin Laden "dead or alive." After deposing Saddam Hussein, he challenged insurgents to "bring it on," all "tough talk" that "sent the wrong signals." But his biggest regret is what happened at Abu Ghraib. The New York Times' David Sanger looks at this rare moment for elected officials known for self-confidence and bravado.

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