Bush, Between Iraq and A Hard Place

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Since the Gulf War, Saddam Hussein has expelled arms inspectors, subjecting Iraq to continuing economic and military sanctions. Now, critics contend that the people have suffered, while their leader has gained strength. Is it time for a change? Is Iraq developing weapons of mass destruction? We assess the options and the prospects for the Bush administration getting support from the rest of the world, with political and defense experts, an activist trying to end US sanctions, and Scott Ritter, the UN's former chief weapons inspector in Iraq.
  • Newsmaker: The Beginning of the End for Mir - Unable to economically support both Soviet and international space stations, Russia is preparing a Mir burn-up in the Earth's atmosphere. Norman Thagard spent four months on the Mir as the first American aboard a Russian spacecraft. Though nostalgic, he shares the Russians eagerness to look to the future.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Clinton Administration Leaves Its Mark - There's an APB out for the press secretary's flack jacket and all the W's have vanished from the White House computers. Was it good clean fun or are Clintonites guilty of the destruction of federal property? Lloyd Grove broke the story in his Washington Post "Reliable Source," column.

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