Bush in Asia and APEC

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Asian Pacific leaders wanted to talk about trade-but President Bush insisted that terrorism should also be on their agenda. He told them that the war on terror doesn-- impede free trade-it makes it possible to continue. We get a progress report on his trip to a region where anti-Americanism is becoming a fact of life. Were the World Trade talks picked up where they left off when developing nations walked out in Cancun? What about the economic challenge from China? Are free trade and the War on Terror really as compatible as the Bush Administration says they are?
  • Making News: President Bush at the APEC Summit
    The Asian-Pacific summit is over and President Bush has moved on from Bangkok to Singapore-on his way to Indonesia, which will provide the centerpiece for his trip. Traveling with him on Air Force One is Maura Reynolds of the Los Angeles Times.
  • Reporter's Notebook: George Bush The Liar
    There are now seven books on the market accusing President Bush of lying. Several of them include the word --ies--in their titles. But, the most direct is the one called, --he lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Politics of Deception. We speak with the author, David Corn, who is Washington editor of the liberal Nation magazine and a frequent guest on To the Point.



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