Bush in California: The Politics of Power

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Economists say, if California catches the sniffles, the rest of the nation gets a cold. Does that mean the West Coast energy crisis will spread? Could President Bush do more to contain it? A summer of rolling blackouts in the nation's largest state will make economic waves cross the country. Even Republicans are worried about the political fallout if Bush gets the blame. Today, we hear what California wants, how the White House is responding, and what the crisis could mean beyond the boundaries of the Golden State.
  • Newsmaker: NATO Meetings Conclude - In two weeks, President Bush will embark on his first European tour as head of state. Today-bad news. The 19-nation NATO Alliance doesn't agree that a missile defense system is needed. We speak with Bill Drozdiak Chief Europe Correspondent for the Washington Post.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Return of 'Payola'? - Since the "payola" scandals of the 1950's, federal law has prohibited radio stations from playing music in exchange for anything of value. Now, the Los Angeles Times has documented evidence that all 5 major record companies-Vivendi, Universal, Sony Bertelsmann, AOL-Time Warner and EMI Group - paid for play on a radio station in Portland, Oregon.



Warren Olney