Can Bush Make a Case for Iraq?

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Criticized overseas, and even by Republican allies, President Bush has promised to make his case for removing Saddam Hussein. He-ll involve the Congress, address the UN, and talk to the leaders of China, Russia and France, but he also says that, -doing nothing- is not a serious option.- Does the President know something that hasn-t yet been revealed? Will he satisfy worldwide demands for more -evidence?- We get a sampling of European, UN and Congressional opinion from journalists from The Guardian and Reuters, a Gulf-era State Department official, and CNN political analyst William Schneider. We also get expert opinion on the military realities of trying to disarm Iraq from the editor of Jane-s World Armies.
  • Newsmaker: Bombing and Assassination Attempt in Afghanistan
    In Afghanistan today, a car bomb killed at least 15 people in the capital city of Kabul, while in Kandahar, President Hamid Karzai survived an apparent assassination attempt. Quill Laurence, who reports from Kabul for PRI-s The World, has an update on the bombing and assassination attempt, which has generated rampant speculation but few details.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Commemorating and Commercializing September 11
    In the aftermath of September 11, Tim Carman edited Mikey Flowers 9/11: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to DNA. The art-based collaboration with Kevin Clarke combined DNA portraits and the photographs of a volunteer New York emergency medical technician to create a tribute to victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack. But over the past year, Carman has come to question his own motives.

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