Day Two for the Democrats

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hillarys_badge.jpgLast night, Teddy Kennedy passed the torch to a new generation, and the Obamas were the all-American family. Tonight, Hillary Clinton will address the convention, and the world will learn how serious the split with Barack Obama supporters really is. The National Convention is supposed to unify Democrats around Obama's presidential candidacy, but media coverage continues to emphasize the continuing tension with Clinton supporters. We talk with delegates in both camps. Are the media fanning a controversy that's only skin deep? Keynote speaker Mark Warner says he's not an attack dog. Are the Democrats missing their chance for an offensive against John McCain and George Bush?


John Mercurio - The Hotline, Sacha Millstone - Clinton delegate to the 2008 DNC, Tom Warren - Member, Democratic Convention Rules Committee, Larry Yawn - Clinton delegate to the 2008 DNC, Peniel Joseph - University of Texas at Austin - @PenielJoseph, Michael Tomasky - Newsweek / Daily Beast - @michaeltomasky, Aaron Barnhart - Television Critic, Kansas City Star

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Katie Cooper, Frances Anderton, Karen Radziner, Christian Bordal