Do the Deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan Justify the War?

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News coverage of American deaths and injuries in Iraq has been severely restricted, but when it comes to civilian casualties, there-s been a virtual blackout. By contrast, Arab TV features graphic images of what-s often called -collateral damage,- and Europeans see a lot more than Americans do. The laws of war are designed to protect non-combatants, and President Bush says that-s what he-s trying to do. What do we know about the human cost of military action in Iraq? Does it justify the benefits of -pre-emptive action- in the war on terror? Warren Olney speaks with political theorists and experts on international security and the Middle East from the Project on Defense Alternatives, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Catholic University, and the Strategic Energy Investment Group.
  • Making News: One Year after the Fall of Baghdad
    US Marines have suspended their siege of Fallujah long enough to allow women and children to leave the city. Young men are required to stay. Adnan Pachachi, a pro-American member of the Interim Governing Council had called the siege -mass punishment.- The Washington Post's Anthony Shadid, who has just won the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Iraq war and its aftermath, joins us from Baghdad.



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