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Yesterday, Yahoo, one of the world's largest Internet companies, was willing to jump into the adult entertainment market as a way to shore up sagging sales. Today, it got cold feet. Did Attorney General Ashcroft, community reaction, or financial considerations lead the Internet titan to "just say no"? What's behind Yahoo's decision? Can pornography be put back into the closet? We get input from the marketing director of Hustler magazine, attorneys, a business and technology reporter, and the "Most Downloaded Woman on the Internet." (Lori Levinson guest hosts.)
  • Newsmaker: More Clashes in the Middle East - As the Holy Land begins its Easter celebration, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says that Israeli troops could be sent into the Gaza Strip to quell increasing violence between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. Cameron Barr, of The Christian Science Monitor, reports that the usually tense region is quiet on this "good" Good Friday.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Doubting the Exodus - With the lack of archaeological evidence supporting its text, clergy are beginning to question the accuracy of Biblical accounts, including that of the Exodus from Egypt. Does faith depend on the facts? Archeology professor and author William Dever offers some thoughts on truth, theology, and faith.

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