Egypt: Ten Days of Disruption and Continued Uncertainty

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In Cairo's Tahrir Square today, pro-government forces escalated attacks on anti-government protesters. There have been gunfire and reports of some fatalities. Reporters and camera crews from the international news media are being assaulted and detained, apparently to remove witnesses of the crackdown. At the same time, President Hosni Mubarak's new Prime Minister apologized for the violence, and the army began to separate the battling factions. We talk with residents of Cairo about the disruption of their lives and how a political transition might be accomplished, and hear how the Obama Administration is trying to influence events.


Michael Peel - Middle East Correspondent, Financial Times, Jehan Reda - American University in Cairo, Tarek - Resident of Cairo, Mohammed el-Nawawy - Professor of Communication at Queens University, Tarek Masoud - Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University, Steve Clemons - New America Foundation / The Atlantic - @SCClemons

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Andrea Brody, Christian Bordal, Sonya Geis