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FBI director Robert Mueller has unveiled a sweeping reorganization plan focused on preventing terrorism, after acknowledging that the September 11 plot might in fact have been detectable. But as America calls for a smarter stronger FBI, how much intelligence gathering will the public accept? What about the loosening of guidelines that for a quarter century have stopped the FBI from snooping on domestic groups? Is the new plan the right way to head off terror before it strikes, or just a PR campaign designed to fend off political heat? We get insight from FBI critics and supporters, including former government officials. Matt Miller, syndicated columnist and senior fellow at Occidental College, guest hosts.
  • Newsmaker: Rumsfeld to Visit India, Pakistan
    As tensions heighten between Pakistan and India, the US is planning the possible evacuation of 1100 US troops and up to 63,000 US. Meanwhile, President Bush has announced that he is sending Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to the region to help bring the nations back from the brink of war. Former Ambassador Thomas Simons offers an assessment of the latest development in the clash over Kashmir.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Music Industry to Call for Federal Probe of Radio Payola
    The music industry is calling for a federal probe into payola practices in the music industry. The move is an odd turn of events, since the record companies themselves have long been involved in this practice. Here to explain what-s really at stake in the increasingly conglomerated world of big time radio is Chuck Phillips, who covers the entertainment industry for the Los Angeles Times.


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