Florida Recount

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In Florida, this morning's court decision gave the Bush campaign a big lift, but Gore's campaign is appealing to the Florida State Supreme Court. Meantime, with the overseas ballot count underway, the Secretary of State plans to certify the winner tomorrow. As Florida's struggles to complete its election process, we examine several possible scenarios with Democratic and Republican members of the Florida Congress, the election supervisor for the state's capital, and other judicial experts.
  • Newsmaker: Florida Judge Says State Can Reject Late Recount - In Florida today, a crucial decision goes the Republican way but the Democrats are appealing. Linda Kleindienst, state capitol bureau chief for the Sun-Sentinel of South Florida, updates us on the continuing political and judicial battles, as well as where the major players line up on tomorrow's football field.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Collision of Two National Pastimes - Florida is in the eye of America's political storm, but in Tallahassee tomorrow night, the presidency takes a backseat when Florida State meets Florida in football. Gerald Ensley, a former sports reporter who's been a columnist for the past 20 years at the Tallahassee Democrat talks with us about the big game.



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