Will Congress Save Detroit?

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The CEO's of the Big Three are putting the pressure on Democrats and Republicans. GMAC is running full-page newspaper ads headlining "The Auto Industry Matters" and warning about the ripple effects if plants close and laid off workers can't feed their families or pay taxes. Backed by organized labor, they want a federal bailout, but there's no consensus on how or whether to save them. Democrats, Republicans and the Bush White House may let Barack Obama pick up the pieces, even though GM may go bankrupt before he takes office. With CEO's and labor leaders marching on Capitol Hill, we get a progress report. We also learn about Joe Lieberman's punishment for supporting John McCain.


David Shepardson - Reuters - @davidshepardson, Harley Shaiken - Professor of Labor, UC Berkeley, Darren Samuelsohn - Senior White House Correspondent for Politico - @dsamuelsohn, Jane Hamsher - Founder-Editor of FireDogLake.com, Ed Kilgore - political columnist at New York Magazine, and former Democratic strategist - @ed_kilgore, James Kirchick - fellow at Brookings Institution, correspondent for Daily Beast, columnist for Tablet - @jkirchick

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