Getting Ready for Rita, Gulf States Prepare for the Worst

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The Ninth Ward of New Orleans is flooding again, even before Hurricane Rita has officially touched land. Galveston, Port Arthur and Houston are among the cities in danger of flooding. Almost two million people hit the road in Texas, heading inland from Houston and other coastal cities. Near Dallas, 24 elderly evacuees were killed when their bus exploded on a congested freeway. Is evacuation succeeding? What's the risk to oil rigs and refineries? We talk to reporters, weather forecasters and local officials in areas threatened by Rita.
  • Making News: Hurricane Rita Causes New Orleans Levees to Fail Again
    In New Orleans, water is already pouring into the Ninth Ward, the neighborhood worst hit by Hurricane Katrina. The flooding from Hurricane Rita is coming much sooner than anticipated by the Army Corps of Engineers. Reporter Doug MacCash of the Times-Picayune is in New Orleans near the failed levees.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Fewer Americans Think US Will Win War in Iraq
    Yesterday, President Bush met with top cabinet officers at the Pentagon for a briefing on Iraq. He recognized the good intentions of those who want us to withdraw troops in order to escape the violence, but called their position "wrong." The President spoke in advance of tomorrow's anti-war protest, which is expected to draw 100,000 people to the Washington Mall. Gallup's Frank Newport has the latest on polling results on Iraq.

Hurricane Rita, National Weather Service tracking on

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September 24th Mass March on Washington, DC



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