God: Solution or Problem?

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Is God the solution to the world's bloody conflicts-or part of the problem? Americans know well of fundamentalist Islamic terror, but the Northern Ireland Troubles, the conflict in and around the former Yugoslavia, and the friction in the Middle East all have had a significant religious component. The perception of God's will plays a major role. We'll hear from a wonderfully articulate panel representing the three Abrahamic religions and a fourth guest who's a professional skeptic, and we'll hear from our audience at the Geffen here on the edge of the UCLA campus.
  • Newsmaker: Cell Phones and Traffic Accidents
    Cell phones are responsible for about one in 20 of America's traffic accidents-killing 2600 people each year and injuring 330,000 others. That's according to Harvard University's Center for Risk Analysis. We spoke with David Ropek, Director of the center's risk communications.



Warren Olney