Immigration and Border Control

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Nineteen people died last week trying to cross the US-Mexican border, their fate sealed by human smugglers who abandoned 100 undocumented workers in a semi-trailer and left them in sweltering heat. The debate over -illegals- was close to a resolution until the September 11 attacks intensified concern over national security, thwarting any chance of an agreement. Renewed calls for an accord and these recent deaths have again focused attention on a policy that publicly prohibits undocumented workers but privately welcomes the cheaper labor. Guest host Jim Moret speaks with activists on both sides of the immigration issue, a Latin America policy analyst, Mexican political affairs minister, and a man who has crossed the US-Mexican border eight times.
  • Making News: UN Security Council Approves Lifting Sanctions on Iraq
    The United Nations Security Council today voted overwhelmingly to end almost 13 years of sanctions against Iraq, and gave the US and Great Britain the authority to control that country until an elected government is in place. That probably won't happen until July, according to US civil administrator Paul Bremmer. Colum Lynch, who covers the UN for the Washington Post, assesses the impact of the vote for Iraqis and US-Iraqi relations.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Making Conservatism Cool in College
    The 60-s saw the rise of the hippie. In the 80-s it was the yuppie. After years of political correctness, the new millennium is marked by a growing trend on college campuses. Has youth-s reckless abandon given way to conservatism? In -The Young Hipublicans,- which appears in this weekend-s New York Times Magazine, John Colapinto introduces us to -stiletto conservatism- and today-s college activists who find it hip to be square.
Guest host Jim Moret sits in for a vacationing Warren Olney. Moret has had an extensive career in both local and national television news reporting over the past 20 years, including nearly a decade at CNN. A member of the California bar since 1981, next month he will deliver the commencement address at his alma mater for the UCLA Department of Communication Studies.

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