Immigration: From the Streets to Capitol Hill

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From Washington to Detroit to Los Angeles, there were more demonstrations today as President Bush called again for a three-part guest worker program. As the President spoke, the Senate Judiciary Committee was preparing to take up the issue of immigration after a week-long recess and three weeks of hearings and meetings that failed to produce a bill. Will protests help the Republicans in November or is the GOP too divided to capitalize if there's a backlash? What about the 11 million illegal immigrants who are already here? What will it all mean for this year's presidential election in Mexico? We hear about a 700-mile border fence, an employer crackdown, a guest worker program and how organizers turned out a half million people in downtown Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Moussaoui Says He Was to Fly Fifth Plane in 9/11 Attacks
    At his death penalty trial in Northern Virginia today, Zacarias Moussaoui took the witness stand, against the advice of his own attorneys. The confessed al Qaeda conspirator stated that he and "shoe bomber" Richard Reed were to have flown a fifth plane into the White House. Sarah Kelley, who covers the federal courts for Legal Times, a Washington DC-based weekly, says the testimony greatly strengthens the government's request for the death penalty.

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Securing America's Borders Act (S 2454, Frist)

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