Calls for Accountability over Iraq War

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Three weeks before last month's elections, 51% of Americans favored impeachment of President Bush, but House Speaker elect Nancy Pelosi says it's "off the table."  This weekend, rallies and forums are planned to build grassroots momentum. A court in Germany has been asked to press "war crimes" charges against Donald Rumsfeld over the prisons at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay. Has the President exceeded the powers granted him by the Constitution?  Can foreign courts prosecute US officials for the way they do their jobs?


John Nichols - The Nation - @NicholsUprising, Harold Meyerson - Editor, The American Prospect; and Columnist - @haroldmeyerson, Michael Ratner - President, Center for Constitutional Rights, Janis Karpinski - Former Army Commander of US military prisons in Iraq, William Eckhardt - Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City

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