Iowa Primary Results, Look Ahead at Presidential Elections

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Anybody who predicted the Democratic nomination would be wrapped up early is now faced with a horse race. In Iowa, John Kerry and John Edwards turned the tables on Howard Dean. So, it-s on to largely Republican New Hampshire, where Wesley Clark and Joe Lieberman have been spending a lot of time. Can Dean hold his lead in New England next week? What happens the week after that, when the campaign goes south? Will a prolonged campaign help the Democrats or the President they want to challenge? We hear from journalists in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Washington DC, a specialist in media and communications, and former members of both Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns.
  • Making News: UN Mulls Sending Political Team to Iraq
    Iraqi Shiites took to the streets again today, this time demanding that Saddam Hussein be executed as a war criminal. Meantime, Secretary General Kofi Annan signaled he might help the Bush administration resolve its dispute over elections with Ayatollah Sistani. James Sutterlin, a former member of the UN Secretariat and author of The United Nations and Iraq, responds to the delicate challenge facing Annan.
  • Reporter's Notebook: State of the Union Presents Challenges, Opportunities for Bush
    Despite Americans' focus on the Democratic presidential nomination, a fascination that may continue for weeks to come, nobody has ability to command attention like the President of the United States. Tonight, President Bush delivers the State of the Union address, which will begin his campaign for re-election. Former Reagan staffer Eric Dezenhall, an expert in political crisis management, says it's a moment of risk as well as opportunity.

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