Iran Elects a Moderate, but Can He Deliver Reform?

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Hassan Rouhani, Iran's newly elected President, calls himself a "moderate." Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man he'll succeed, was anything but.  Does that mean Iran is ready to make the changes voters apparently wanted? What does it mean for the US, Israel and the rest of the world? Also, US intelligence chiefs detail terror plots foiled by surveillance, and as NATO formally transfers authority to the government of Afghanistan, the US agrees to talks with the Taliban.

On Friday, June 21st at 12p, join KCRW and America Abroad for an international town hall meeting on Iran. The discussion will bring together experts, activists, Iranian diaspora communities, and social media voices inside Iran for a 90 minute-long conversation on the country, its people and their future.
Seasoned NPR Broadcaster, Madeline Brand, and BBC Persian Service anchorwoman Pooneh Ghodossi will co-host two panels – one in Los Angeles and one in London, connected via Skype. Panelists will represent diverse elements of Iranian society and culture including a Persian human rights activist and a member of one of Iran's non-Persian ethnic minority communities.  
In addition to fielding questions and comments from the audiences in both cities, Pooneh will be adding a steady stream of Persian-language Tweets from inside Iran that reach us over the course of the program.
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Warren Olney