Iraq Gets Ready for Another Election

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Iraqis are getting a taste of American-style campaigning, with TV spots, wall posters and local political machines. Hospital patients, soldiers, prisoners and ex-patriots are already voting, but most Iraqis will go to the polls on Thursday. Despite threats of violence, the turnout is expected to be higher than ever with Sunnis participating this time and a lot at stake. Fourteen million voters will be able to choose among 7,000 candidates from 226 political groups that are competing for 275 seats in the Council of Representatives that will govern for the next four years. We get a progress report on establishing democracy in the Middle East, hear from participating Iraqis, look at the system they're voting for and at the potential for sectarian hostilities that could lead to civil war.
  • Making News: Low Expectations for the World Trade Talks in Hong Kong
    In Hong Kong today, at least 4500 farmers clashed with police as the latest World Trade Organization meeting got under way. Most of the protesters were from South Korea, but some came from as far away as Brazil. Pete Engardio, senior writer for BusinessWeek magazine, says expectations for agreement are less than optimistic.
  • Reporters Notebook: State of California Executes Stanley "Tookie" Williams
    At 12:01am, Stanley "Tookie" Williams was put to death by lethal injection at San Quentin Prison by the State of California, after Governor Schwarzenegger refused to grant clemency and last minute court appeals were turned down. The 12th man executed in California since capital punishment was reinstated in the late 1970's, Williams' case won international attention because he campaigned from death row against the violent gang life he once lived. There were 39 witnesses, including 17 from the media. Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez was among them.

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