America in Wartime: Who's Making the Sacrifices?

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The University of Wisconsin was a hotbed of protest during the Vietnam War.  Today, the war in Iraq has divided Americans almost as much, but you wouldn’t know that by visiting the Madison campus. Today, the war in Iraq has divided Americans almost as much but you wouldn't know that by visiting campuses. Previous conflicts were fought in part by Ivy League graduates and others in America's ruling elite. They signed up or they were drafted. However, the volunteers in Iraq come mostly from rural and lower-middle class America. Although the war is bitterly controversial, are most Americans disconnected? Is there a growing lack of commitment to public service or active citizenship? We hear from students at a state university and private military college, a former congressman and the author-father of a former enlisted serviceman.


Ben White - Junior, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Steve Robitaille - Senior, Norwich University, Tom Andrews - National Director, Win Without War, Frank Schaeffer - son of evangelical Francis Schaeffer

Warren Olney

Frances Anderton, Karen Radziner